Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Since you put it that way...

I've thought about posting a new blog entry from time to time over the past...year...hehehehe...instigated by my fwend's recent post, here I am, actually sitting down to write, so, fwend, this entry is dedicated to you!
Summer of 2012 included a renewed commitment to fitness, a trip to SoCal, my first ECCE practicum, and several Vancouver area mini - adventures with Puppycat. My first year of ECCE courses, center-stage since my last post, went extraordinarily well.  A+ average.  This invokes skepticism, contemplation, analysis...what does it really mean???  The central question is, will my class performance translate to A+ ECCE practice?  My practicum went well, and according to my sponsor teacher's assessment I was "skillful" and often "exemplary."  I guess, even after a year away from an ECCE classroom setting during my permanent residency application process, 2/2010-3/2011, I hadn't lost my groove^_^

The beginning of my second year, September 10, swiftly approaches.  I'm enjoying my textbooks, Art for the Fun of it, and Worms, Shadows, and Whirlpools.  I might even complete a quick read-through of each before classes begin. I've heard that year two is less intense than year one in this program, so i should be able to allocate more time to things like fitness...

Puppycat and I have renewed memberships to a set of local aquatic centres that also offer exercise rooms with a variety of machines and equipment.  My workouts mostly include weights, and cardio on an elliptical and a rowing machine, although I prefer swimming.  The pools are too crowded in the summer, but I plan to swim regularly once school starts.  I also hope to do some rollerblading before it gets too cold.

SoCal, Nannying(still the best job I've ever had), and Vancouver adventure stories abound.  I will, perhaps, blog them soon, but until then, you may view them in pictures, or send me an email/facebook message to hear more! 


  1. Okay, the book titles sound fun and funny. I expect a book review! :-P